Dredging Referendum

KeysKeeper was in the forefront of efforts to oppose widening Cut B, the main shipping channel in Key West.
The issue was moved into the political arena by way of a referendum on the October 2013 ballot. The issue was being prosecuted by two political PAC’s – the Key West Committee for Responsible Tourism (against the referendum and dredging); the “Just a Study” (for the referendum). 73% of Key West residents voted no to the study. In response to the overwhelming response of the 4,531 Key West residents who voted against the referendum, the City Commissioner in turn voted to notify the United States Army Corps of Engineers that it does not want the United States Army Corps of Engineers to undertake or commission future studies to consider the concept of widening the Key West Main Ship Channel, regardless of potential funding sources.

Coral Reef Restoration

KeysKeeper is acquiring funding for a coral reef restoration project carried out by Mote Marine Laboratory. There are some issues where KeysKeeper sees a need to initiate a project or projects that lie within the capability of an existing organization but are not presently contemplated because they are deemed too risky or too expensive. In this case, Keyskeeper may take a bolder and larger position in seeking these projects. KeysKeeper recognizes the fundamental importance of restoring the coral reef ecosystem in the Florida Keys, and that it is very much possible to do so with the right funding.