Leveraging Our Treasure

KeysKeeper is a new venture environmental foundation.

By initiating riskier projects, by moving quickly to provide first dollars in for new projects within larger organizations, and by removing itself from ongoing efforts once they become established and funded by traditional organizations, Keyskeeper can leverage its assets and provide unique value to the community at large

Of course KeysKeeper does several traditional types of things.  It supports many ongoing efforts by speaking as an independent entity.  It participates in meetings and activities that further efforts of traditional large organizations to implement programs that help the environment.  In general it acts to further the sense that a larger community stands behind efforts to preserve the unique environment that is the Keys.

Some specific elements of KeysKeeper’s approach are as follows:

Energizing Programs by committing relatively small amounts of money to initiate worthy efforts.  Read more.

Negotiations  KeyKeeper can act as an intermediary to negotiate issues free from the positions that necessarily accompany the debate between large organizations.  Read more.

Risky Projects  KeysKeeper believes that the portfolio of environmental projects underway in the Keys would yield a higher benefit if some projects with a greater risk of failure are added to the mix. read more.

Community Outreach  The number and complexity of projects and activities affecting the Florida Keys is staggering.  When one totals the projects that are underway, being contemplated, or reaching conclusion it is a large list.  When one adds the fact that literally tens of organizations ranging from large Federal entities like NOAA and the Corps of Engineers to small local organizations are active in the space, it becomes very difficult to know what is going on.

Keeping track of who is doing what to whom alone is difficult.  But there is also a schedule of upcoming actions – some known; some not – that increases the confusion.

KeyKeeper is committed to expanding its Facebook page so that it becomes an easily accessed, one stop report that includes the full sweep of activities underway in the marine environment of the Florida Keys.

Creating Your Own Foundation

It takes time and money to establish a 501 (3.) (c.) organization.  And it takes effort to maintain the correct paper trail so that donations are deductible.

KeysKeeper believes that passion is the critical ingredient in the pursuit of good deeds.  We are delighted to help others with a similar orientation to ours who have issues that they believe in and are willing to fight for by providing them with a platform that carries the weight of an established organization and a legal structure that makes the funding work.